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We are creating this page for supporting novice users of the wonderful operating system Linux. We are going to publish here the next information:

  • Linux FAQ and HOWTO in "Russian context"

  • Descriptions of intersting programs

  • Links to other Linux resources

If you have a wish to help us and Linux community, run your favourite text processor, create FAQ and send it to this address.

    Last version of Linux kernel 2.0.35. Last experimental kernel 2.1.117 is here too.

    Package installation utility for all Linux clones UNRPM. Can be very useful on non-RedHat versions of Linux, which are incompatible with rpm format.

    An extremely good Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GCC+GDB. It looks like Borland C++ 3.1, with all features: syntax highlighting, project manager, powerful editor and so on. Sources are also available.

Russian Linux Links

Contact persons: Alexander Simanov , Vladimir Eflov