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New geography

After the pole shift the new climate will be formed on the most part of the Earth. The North Pole will be moved to the southern end of India, and the South Pole will be moved to the West of Brasil. Both North America and South America and Australia will be moved more West (the present West) in relation to the other continents, because of "ripping" of Atlantic. The south part of India and the most part of Australia will be submerged, because of moving some continental plates over the other continental plates. In a break opened in the middle of ripped Atlantic lava will flow, and the new land will emerge.

At first, for comparison, the World map before the pole shift.

Former geography

And now the new World geography after the pole shift. Note: the flooding all the land up to 200 meters (650 feet) above the sea level because of the melting of the glacial cap of Antarctica is not shown on the map.

New geography

The map is created after the map of new geography from ZetaTalk site.

Miller cylindrical projection is used for making both maps