Круг на поле в Адыгее

Оригинал объяснения ZetaTalk

"Russia has had many crop circles, but not that many that hit the news. They have been treated as local affairs.

This circle is genuine, and speaks to the subconscious of man in showing the pressure points that develop as the 12th Planet/Planet X moved toward your solar system, disrupting the equilibrium. Humans are aware of these types of pressures, from pushing their legs as they walk through water to trying to jam too much stuff into a box - flows around the sides and compression at the point of pressure. Eddies develop - round and round currents. The subconscious of man, having seen this, will relate it to the types of weather and water movement on Earth, though not consciously aware they are relating the two.

The hole in the center was due only to the way the circle was made. They essentially anchored there, to create the perfection they do when making these circles, and due to the soil type in this field, this created a depression"