It happened in may 1971...Not an earthquake, neither aliens came down to the Earth, nothing serous really happened, but a guy was born somewhere at the North of Russia. Lately he was named Alexei. I do not know if I was happy in that moment or not, if I already wanted to conquest this world or something. Honestly I can't remember a single thing from that  period of my strange but full of vivid events life! Like billions other guys I graduated from a high school and then from a technical college. Who needs to work when you are only 18? It's the right time to do something extraordinary: protect our world from evil or at least  keep fighting for women rights. I wasted 3 years of my life playing a hero in the Russian Navy.  Next 11 years I dedicated to telecommunication business. Finally in July 2003 I moved to Sweden and now I live and study in the beautiful city Helsingborg.
 I do not think that I am a  very special person. Most of all I like cars and music. Not surprised? Huh?! I like movies, fooling around with my friends, hiking, biking, and just walking.  Did I mention that I like to travel a lot?  I adore all crazy symptoms of traveling: planes, hotels, huge bags... If I tell you that it's better then sex... I lie! I like sun and warm beaches and even more all those hot sexy people that walk here and there! My life is  interesting and often brings shocking surprises . I am a social guy and I am always looking for new friends. I don't like sleep long, cold raining weather, mobile phone bills, punctured tire, be waiting, long boring movies, loneliness, big parties and especially mornings after them. Now, I hope we know each other better. Don't we?                          


Komitchev Alexei Комичев Алексей