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Last summer we had a chance to travel in Czech Republic. It was amazing journey that left not only wonderful memories for us but also something to store in our computers' memory - thousands of photos taken with Olympus digital camera. We hope that this little site would share the atmosphere of that crazy affair.

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Diary Diary - quick notes about some of our adventures. Available in Russian only, but you may use automated translation system at Translate.RU if you wish to read the text.
Photos - just a few of 1000s photos taken in Czech Republic. This is definitely worth your attention: you'll be impressed by beautiful views of Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Brno, Hluboka, Karlstein and other cool places.
Tech facts - some info about digital cameras (in Russian). If you're interested in digital photography, I would recommend you to visit Askey Reviews and Olympus web sites.

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