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15 Megatones jukebox
  1. Devil's Cantina
  2. Hot Stuff
  3. Bird Shit Boogie
  4. Little Cheater
  5. Back Home
  6. Rockin' Train
  7. Rockabilly Way
  8. (The Ghost) Riders In The Sky
  9. Mean Wild Tiger
  10. Station Called Love
  11. Angel Eyes

Recorded in 2002:

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All files are full length songs.
This is an absolutely legal download! You won't break any law listening to these tracks on your PC!!! (c) 1994-2002, 15 Megatones


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Choose a link from the above and enjoy pure rockabilly.



You will need a MP3 player to listen to these files. If you don't have one -- please, search Google. There are lots of free MP3 players... Come back soon to find more songs of 15 Megatones!

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