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The Band

15 MegatonesThe band was formed in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia by two students of the local university. Guitarist Andrei Habonen and drummer Max Lukka used to jam together for about a year, playing some rock&roll standarts and tunes by their favorite modern rockabilly acts, when in the fall of 1994 they recruited bass player from another Petrozavodsk rockabilly band Route 66 and played their first gig. In a couple of years they've become one of the most popular bands in their hometown and went to play several gigs at St. Petersburg rockabilly clubs Money Honey and Fireball. Few months later, in the spring of 1997 15 Megatones played in Finland for the first time, later returning to the country to perform in Juvaskyla and Lahti. By the fall of 1997 they had their fourth bass player and were rehearsing for the appearance at the Belomor Boogie festival in Arkhangelsk, where later they were named the best guest band of the year.

15 MegatonesThe band's demo recording was cut at the studio of a local FM station Radio Modern between the fall of 1997 and the spring of 1998. Some of the tracks along with the interviews were broadcast on Petrozavodsk FM stations and state Radio Karelia.

Andrei and Max moved to Lahti, Finland in 1998 and were later joined by an old friend - Pavel Kallonen on bass. The addition of a young doghouse player Leo Ollikainen in 2001 enabled Pavel to switch to the lead guitar, and after the departure of a founding member Max Lukka later that year, the band now features Saint Petersburg based drummer Rustem Zhemaletdinov (ex-Meantraitors, Cadillacs).

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