28.04.2010 - A.Dinershtein wants to create Insei league on Dragon Go Server. More information: http://gosensations.com/?id=2&server_id=7&new_id=840

13.07.2009 - A team from Petrozavodsk (Alexey Lazarev, Viktor Bogdanov, Ivan Kulikovsky, D. Kornev and V. Shvetsov) has taken second place in the Russian Team Championship of GO.

23.07.2006 - First time there were 2 players from one town on the 27th World Amateur Go Championship The town is Petrozavodsk. The players are Alexey Lazarev(Russia, 14th place) and Anatoly Vernik(Izrael, 45th place)

14.06.2006 - My photos (papamisha 3d): Norway, Go(Leksand 2003 in Sweden) ...

21.09.2000 - Japanese Ambassador Cup will be in Moscow, October, 6-8. 

18.09.2000 - We've lost the Internet-match "Karelia-Korea" 1:4. But it was good show.

10.09.2000 - Karelian Go Federation have been organized just now. Prezident is Nikolai V. Zaitsev. Only a few players have joined this federation now.

8.09.2000 - ATTENTION: LG CUP will be November, 4-7. 

03.09.2000 - There is a new russian rating on Russian Go Federation Page.

17.08.2000 - Internet-match "Karelia-Korea". It will be September, 13 at 9 am (Moscow time) on igs.joyjoy.net. It will be 5 players from each side. Captain of the Korean command: dean of the Baduc faculty of Myong Ji University, pro 9d., So-Hyun-Jeon. Captain of our team is Alexey Lazarev (6 dan). Korean participants will be mb1-mb70, ours will be psu1-psu50.

17.08.2000 - A new go-game server is established now. It's a NNGS compatible server, the host name is PlayGoGame.net, and the TCP port is 6969 and 9696.

You can visit our web site http://www.playgogame.com to register a new account.

26.07.2000 - LG CUP will be in Moscow, September, 21-24.

16.07.2000 - Results of the Sixth lap of Open Russian Cup 2000 in Petrozavodsk: July 14-16:

There were 26 go-players and 2 of them are from Japan.

27.06.2000 - Photos: "Hands and GO" (Web-page: 260Kb).  If you like the idea, you can send me good photos about it.

22.06.2000 - New tournaments comes:

Russian Go Congress 2000: July 7-13, it consists of:

Sahabutdinov Rustem Mishatovich (095)3562510-work; 3456196-home


Sixth lap of Open Russian Cup 2000 in Petrozavodsk: July 14-16

Victor Bogdanov (e-mail: bogdanov@karelia.ru)