Zilber Wasserfall Lavina

Kkl 1, HD-"", VA - Cup of the RSVNO 2007
Perfect class of Russia, Main exhibition of RSVNO (F.Goldlust, Germany)
7 places in a younger class - Main exhibition of RSVNO Samara (R.MAI, Germany)
3 places in a younger class (Toljytti) 2V, CC (Uljynovsk) 1V, (Engels)
3V - the working class, Moscow (J.Mayer, Germany) 3V, CC (Toljytti)
9V - the working class of Smolensk (H-P Shvaimer, Germany)
The candidate in the champions of club, 4 certificates of conformity (), the two-multiple candidate in the national champions (CAC),
the best representative of breed, candidate in the champions , candidate in the champions