So. All excitements and throwings behind. At last, after a long choice of kennel, after a detailed advice of the ringmaster and survey by the veterinary doctor, you arrived on a residence. And here most important to not do much harm to a puppy, let even from the best promptings.

On a new place

Change of conditions of life - always large stress for puppy, especially, if his new house is far from parental, and puppy is compelled to make sometimes not close travel .
On a background of stress frequently arise frustration of Intestines a various degree of weight, the apathy can be developed. Therefore make all that the resettlement has passed as it is possible more without serious consequences: after the arrival on a residence use a rate of vitamins such as "Stress", but most important give puppy time, give it an opportunity to be to one and to realize the occurred changes in his life - not be persuasive (especially it concerns children)! Depending on a type of maximum nervous activity, this period can last from several hours about several days. At the kept appetite is not an occasion for anxiety. As soon as puppy will accustom on a new place, it will approach to you and will offer game or will ask to eat. You begin from this moment process of education of the pupil. how correctly to bring up puppy, not having spoiled his ignorance, competent skilled instructor- trainer (instead of film-broad gully) or the psychologist of animals - your rescue the coming year yet is not written of any book, therefore. But if good trainer still it is possible to find, with the psychologist of animals most likely there will be problems, therefore I send you to Djon Fisher and his book " About what your dog ".
Also for the prevention of a various sort of problems, it is necessary to observe a number of the following rules: do not change sharply diet puppy, observe habitual for him a mode, strictly follow the program of vaccination and do not neglect quarantine.
If at puppy nevertheless was upset intestines, it is necessary to take it on a hungry - water diet 6 - 12 hours, giving to drink to it энтеродез and регидрон, and then to begin to feed by very small portions, but frequently, up to the first chair of a normal consistence, and then smoothly to transfer to that quantities of receptions of food, which is necessary to it on age.

The second question is where will live puppy. Variants there can be two.

The contents in open-air cage
On my sight, is most high-grade develop puppy, brought up in conditions open-air cage, on freedom.
In such cultivation there are a lot of pluss: the excellent appetite, magnificent wool, rickets as a rule does not visit such puppy, and still - there are less chances to spoil a dog. To minuses it is possible to attribute rise in price feeding in the winter period on 30 % and necessity to give time for dialogue with puppy outside of houses.
For such type of the contents urgently I recommend to construct spacious вольер with warmed box. As it is necessary to provide a place for feeding and water.

One of variants feeding trough - fastens at a level humeral joint. Is made for a type revolving object - it is possible to feed and to give to drink a dog not coming in open-air cage. Conveniently.
From materials for construction open-air cage a sexual board of 40 mm best approaches, since protection against a wind and fortress completely answers to the main requirement. Material for a roof choose according to the taste. Important - open-air cage should not stand directly on ground - the base is necessary. For a box it is best to use usual phenol not containing plywood 10мм and polyfoam 100мм. The cover of a box too should be warmed on all area and should densely without cracks adjoin to walls - it is possible to use of a various sort of latch.

We grow up the champion.

You have decided to get a dog. Long thought, were tormented what breed to choose and at last were defined " yes, is a german sheep-dog - reliable security guard and cheerful partner". Go to choose puppy and it appears that the dog except for training can and on an exhibition be driven - naturally, at first you speak that it is not necessary for you, but passes time and puppy grows very much even quite good from the point of view of the exterrier.

You have decided, but that the dog successfully was exposed at exhibitions to it the special preparation (exhibition training) and good trainer - man is necessary which will prepare her and to expose. You perfectly will understand it, when first time go on an exhibition, having decided that will consult independently, when after the second circle by a fast step will feel, that can not move in such rate any more, that your dog as against others, which expose trainers, runs at all in that party, where it would be desirable, that in the special rack she is not able at all to stand and does not want, when because of all it she will lose prize-winning place in ring, then you will ask to find to you trainer.

Him will find, but that you did not have such problems, it is easier at once to ask show in what rack at an exhibition should to stand puppy and to accustom his houses to stand in it, to not force puppy to go beside, let pulls forward, teams it easily will learn to carry out later. To watch that puppy did not run, rearranging together two right and two left legs, to accustom it to be amused with toys (balls on cords), then at him the interest will run in ring. Let it will be not professional, but kid even to know that it will be necessary to do. And that it was correct and it is beautiful to you just and will help trainer, but not day prior to an exhibition, and even for one month, if it is small puppy! The preparation should conduct with an adult dog the year round.

As the price on puppy of the german sheep-dog is formed?

The future owners puppy very much frequently are interested from what there is a price on puppy, and why in the same nursery there is a wide scatter of the prices. Let's try briefly to tell about formation of the price.

It is self-evident, that the parents have all puppies high exhibition estimations, check on nervous system, check on HD, and also admission to cultivation.

Dear than all the manufacturers, that is their children of the same high level as they or even better them are estimated puppies from the parents, which already to recommend themselves as. Also higher cost at puppies imported from Germany or born in Russia from imported of the parents. Below cost at puppies born from the young parents, which ещe had no posterities, since it is difficult to tell by what exhibition data and working qualities they will have. Sometimes puppy can have attractive appearance and very good character, but as the exhibition dog it can lose to the brothers and sisters, that too will affect his price.

For the price our assumptions of the exhibition future and career puppy can influence. In any case who is wrong on 100 % to predict in this or that party - it will turn out from small puppy, that completely precisely is will be very much an pedigree animal with good character and health, is there will be a good friend and security guard, the favourite of your family.

It is wrong to consider(count), that from the champions to be born necessarily champion. But at puppy born from very known pair all the same more chances bring up by best rather than at puppy, born from the simply good parents.

Very much frequently, buying puppy, the people ask cheaply, explaining it is by that they will not go on exhibitions and will not be engaged in cultivation, and puppy is necessary as the friend for soul and protection, but it is necessary to remember that only small percent of the people takes dogs for show, the german sheep-dog is all the same working breed and its applicability to be the security guard, partner, guide, salvor, simply other, and so on. And all breeding measures, check of working qualities and health just also are directed that the man had an opportunity to get a very good animal. Even if you take a dog simply for soul, you hardly want to have ugly, unhealthy or uncertain in yourselves an animal, for this purpose and there are clubs to select in cultivation of really worthy animals. Saving money at purchase puppy, in a result you can spend much more than means for treatment and correction of mentality, and not having received in result a dog, which can is proud to refer to as as the present german sheep-dog.

Whom to choose? The boy or girl?

Both the girls, and at the boys, have pluss and minuses. Who it was, most important that the dog was healthy physically and mentally, then problems will not be neither with the boy nor with the girl. During growth and development puppy it is necessary to give a lot of attention. If the dog is claimed, it has business, is smaller of chances that you will have problems with cultivation and education yours puppy.

The advantage male consists in more impressive appearance it, probably, is possible to tell that more strongly physically, and to them the grooms do not stick. And advantage females in that that with them all members of family, they more controlled consult more easy.

If you are not ready to get puppies, in most cases your dog - girl, will transfer it quietly. And the boy will require the special control. In any case, there is an opportunity of sterilization a dog both that and other sex.

The adult male looks more powerfully than female, but also the girl with elegant wool, good exterrier and strong skeleton inspires not less respect.

Under the standard the difference in growth between female and male makes from 2 up to 8 sm (growth of female 57-60 sm, growth of male 62-65 sm)

Not important, whether it be boy or girl, if at a dog from a nature good mentality, if her correctly brought up, and subsequently in time and correctly have begun to train, not essentially what sex at you a dog - at you all will be excellent.

The basic difference in character is not present, but males probably it is possible to name as more ambitious and self-confident, they more often go on the conflict to colleagues. The girls are more tender, require dialogue with more to members of family, than with colleagues, with them it is easier to consult.

Continuation of a sort.
If you the owner of female also have even minimal package of the documents permitting pairing of dogs through club, can address to anyone to most famous male concerning pairing of dogs. If you are the owner of male, you should apply much more than efforts to have an opportunity to tie male, it not simply should have the necessary documents, and should recommend itself at exhibitions, successfully to pass a rate of training and have a valuable origin. If you do not want to have continuations of posterity, there is an opportunity of sterilization both male and female, which will pass without consequences for physical and mental health a dog.

Dear future owners of puppies! Once again we want to emphasize that all the same most important, that the dog was beautiful, healthy, with good character, from the parents, which could transfer all these qualities, and the boy it or girl not so is important!