home system
My personal Space
Welcome to my Space!
Dock your spaceship to the nearest station and proseed to the landpad...
Here you can repear your ship, load some goods and oxygen. Also here you can explore my Space by geting acess to the computer terminals and taking tours to my planets. Don't forget to wear your spacesuit - it is cold outside the landpad. (This page)

Some landing crafts are ready to take you on the journey down to the planets. By now they are fully terraformed and prepered for future colonization.

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The Temple
After landing on surface you can honor The Temple of Souls. By entering the temple, part of your soul will stay here by the end of times, and you will always return to the temple in the dreams

Nearby worlds
You can log to the terminal and take a quick tour to the nearby planets in this system. Our station have special liner routes between them.

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Home System
My Home Star System. This id the final point in our journey. Traffic in this system is light, so don't worry about your ship, it won't hit anything.

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Information Satelites. They have some adition information on any starship and planet.

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