Photos and report about training camp in Petrozavodsk " Kareliya 2008 "


From August 16 till August 31, 2004 in a picturesque place of Kareliya on a coast of lake Conchezero, in 40 km from Petrozavodsk, passed summer training camp. The instructors were: the expert of a national category, figurant, conducting trainer Pavel Gubin (Volgograd), and also Turkina Anna (Moscow) - prize-winner and champion of competitions on ОКД, ЗКС, Russian Ring (last year's owner of gold Stalingrad, winner II of a Championship of SNG and Cup of Russia 2004 on "Russian Ring"). 10 men, from them one - from Moscow, one - from Appatity (Murmansk area), others people of Petrozavodsk have taken part in job of camp. The job of our camp was successfully finished. The tests BH were handed over with one dog is Vlaterfolg Leader (owner I.Pershina, Petrozavodsk), КД1 Zilber Wasserfall Nervana (owner V.Tertyshniy, Petrozavodsk), IPO2 - Zilber Wasserfal Shedevr (owner A.Borodin, Appatity).

august, 2005

Second year in succession here are spent sports-training camp organized by local group RSVNO of Petrozavodsk, at support of kennels of the German sheep-dogs "Zilber Wasserfall", "Yrven Maa" and sponsor's help "Pedigree".
The successfully chosen place, on the basis of sports camp of school of a Olympic reserve, has allowed competently to organize training process. A plenty of sports platforms, small stadium equipped with shells - that still is necessary for occupations? Plus perfect track fields located in several minutes of driving.
All participants of camp were placed in 2 cases. The rooms were on any taste from 2 local, up to large, 6 local. The dogs, at will, were placed with the owners, or in "boxings" in a separate placement. 4 single feeds in a restaurant which is taking place in territory of sports base were important.
Both quantity and geography of the participants of camp this year have increased. All constantly lived at camp 17 men. In the basic visitants from Perm, Moscow, Rostov, St.-Petersburg and most part - from Petrozavodsk. As many went on trainings from cities, as far as possible. The purposes of the participants of camp were various. The majority of conductors any more first year is engaged training, in the last camps successfully have passed examination on ВН, and in it have arrived more densely to collect dogs and successfully to leave under more serious services (IPO and КД). There was a part of young dogs and puppies, with a zero level of preparation, which age has not allowed them to leave under examination. Someone came to camp with dogs preparing for check of working qualities at an exhibition, someone for the strengthened job on the certain sections IPO.
For trainer's job the experts on working qualities and sports of a rank САСТ were invited: Gubin P. (sections - trace, protection) and Turkina A. (section - obedience). Both they the representatives of the Volgograd training centre "Total". Due to their harmonious, pair job, the training process was maximum competent, to everyone the individual approach was found, that has helped to move dogs under examination in the "peak" form.
Despite of the intensive diagram, we had enough time for active rest and acquaintance to sights of this most beautiful, northern territory. You see the camp was in several kilometers from the first Russian resort based still by Peter Great - of sanatorium "Marcialnye waters", and also Karelian pearl - waterfall Kivach, in honour of which, by the way, the known kennel of the german sheep-dogs " Zilber Wasserfall" is named.
The camp was finished by tests, within the framework of competitions, on ВН, КД and IPO. The passions have inflamed not comic. Everyone wanted not simply to pass examination, but also to be first. By first, fire on themselves was taken with conductors handing over КД-1. On start there was of 5 pairs "a man + dog". The places were distributed as follows:
1 place Vershinin M. with the german sheep-dog Ysmin Mayzenhof; common point 157
2 place Nikolaeva N. with the german sheep-dog Glasha; common point 151
3 place Mogunov A. with the german sheep-dog Rejim ot Seryh Psov; common point 147
Lukkonen A. with the German sheep-dog Yashma Mayzenhof; common point 145
Pershina Irina with the German sheep-dog Vlaterfolg Leader; common point 123.

Further relay race was accepted by the sportsmen competing on IPO, the tests passed per two days. Their results:
1 place Turkina A. with the german sheep-dog Porydok ot Seryh Psov; 254 point (А-72 В-90 С-92)
2 place Mogunov A. with the german sheep-dog Zakaz ot Seryh Psov; 233 point (А-85 В-78 С-70)
3 place Serova N. with the german sheep-dog Liniy ot Seryh Psov; 156 point (А-84 В-72 С-0)

Between sections B and C (IPO), the tests on ВН were spent. 8 conductors with dogs have taken part in tests. Unfortunately, to pass examination it was not possible to anybody. Too small term of preparation and age of dogs have given about itself to know.
Last day, after all tests and delivery, the solemn evening devoted to closing of camp has passed. The organizers celebrated the winners. The memorable medals and bags with a forage from sponsor - firm "Pedigree" were handed to all participants of camp. For first three places, in all kinds, the medals, cups and forage were entrusted.
The active workers organized a concert. They have composed songs about all interesting events of the inhabitants of camp. All cheerfully laughed at itself. Then there was a supper, songs under a guitar and dances. And the measure - was finished sports-training camp in Kareliya. By all who was - "See you the next year!", who was not - "Come, we are glad to all!".

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