We offer for breeding use of a dog with magnificent mentality, ideal joints, evil eyes, very bright, it is perfectly well combined, very beautiful head, super skeleton, correct front, good growth and all the rest - is magnificent. The son of one of the best a bough of kennel"Zilber Wasserfall" - Zilber Wasserfall Kleopatra, is received from are viscous in Germany with a known all dog Carat with Ulkom - a dog with magnificent anatomy and super working qualities.

Zilber Wasserfall Faraon Zilber Wasserfall Faraon
f.Karat s Ulk
m.Zilber Wasserfall Kleopatra

date of birth 01.12.2006

Estimations at exhibitions:
Smolensk 5-6.05.2007, Baby class - 4 big prospect expert Shvaimer
Cup Royal Canin 19-20.05.2007, Baby class - 4 big prospect expert N.Scheerer
Borisov, Cup of Belarus 9-10.06.2007, Class of puppies - 2 big prospect, expert H.P.Fetten
Smolensk - Avangard 4-5.08.2007, Class of puppies - 2 big prospect, expert Hans Karl
St.-Petersburg 11.08.2007, Class of puppies 4 big prospect. expert Pekka Nykyri
The main exhibition of RSVNO 15-16.09.2007 Youth class 5 big prospect. E.Pudeev
Finlyndiy 5-6.01.2008, Youth class 2 big prospect. S Makaritis
Murmansk 15.03.2008 Junior class 1 SG Belogurova
Murmansk 17.02.2008 Junior class 1 SG Kovalenko
Borisov, Championship of Belarus 17-18.05.2008J unior class 4 SG Stiegler
Tukri, The main exhibition of Estoniy 9-11.05.2008 12-18 months 1SG H.P.Rieker
Laagna, , Exhibition of the German sheep-dogs 26-27.04.2008 1SG V.Fedorov
Mariupol 31.05-01.06 2008 12-18 months 6SG expert SV F.P.Knaul
Murmansk, Regional monobreed an exhibition of the German sheep-dogs 14-15.03.2009, Working class 1 V Polivanov
Titles: The young Champion of Russia,
the Young Champion of Estonia, the Champion of Russia,
Champion of .

The owner Gujiev Alexey (Murmansk)
phone: +7 9212751678 Ludmila


Vogerland Shaitan Vogerland Shaitan Vogerland Shaitan
f.Vogerland Faraon
m.Vlaterfolg Carina

family tree

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We offer for cultivation of a magnificent, bony, black dog!!!!
The winner of a large quantity of exhibitions!!!
In each dung from the Shaitan - black puppies are born!


Maximo f. Fihtenshlag Maximo f. Fihtenshlag
f. Vilko f. Fihtenshlag (51 V Ziger-2005)
m. Viana f. Fihtenshlag (The young champion of the world , the winner in a younger class Ziger-2006, 3 VA Ziger - 2008)

Estimations at exhibitions:
11 GS. middle class Cup of the RSVNO 2008 (Sherrer);
2 GS. Gran-Pri 2008 (Trofimov Dmitriy);
2 big prospect Baby class. Borisov 2007

family tree



Lustikhof Kaligula
f.Zilber Wasserfall Mendeley
m.Lustikhof Olga

date of birth 20.10.2004

Kkl 1 (on all life), HD-, V, 1, 1, 1

Estimations at exhibitions:
1 big prospect Baby class (19.03.2005 Murmansk, monobreed exhibition) Expert Nikitin;
1 big prospect Class of puppies (20.03.2005 Murmansk "Polar Star") Expert Kiseleva;
6 big prospect Class of puppies ( 21-22.05.2005 Belarus) Expert from Germany;
4 big prospect Youth class (17-18.09.2005 St.-Petersburg, "Cup of St.-Petersburg") Expert Hans-Joachim Dux;
3 big prospect Youth class (10.09.2005 Minsk, "Cup of Belarus 2005") Expert Rykkert;
10 big prospect Youth class (6-7.08.2005 Smolensk, "Cup of the RSVNO-2005") Expert Hans Peter Rikker;
5 big prospect Youth class (1-2.10.2005) Expert Trofimov;
2 big prospect The main exhibition Dnepr-2005, Expert Shereer;
1 big prospect Youth class (11.12.2005 Petrozavodsk) Expert Terentjeva;
3 big prospect Youth class (14.08.2005 St.-Petersburg, Gran-Pri) Expert Diter Ozer;
1 GS youth (Petrozavodsk 2005) Expert Bujnova;
2 GS Middle class (Petrozavodsk 2006, monobreed exhibition) Expert Belogurova;
8 GS Middle class ("Cup of the RSVNO" Moscow Yhroma) Expert Dulina;
6 GS Middle class (Mogilev 15-16.07.2006, The specialized exhibition of the German sheep-dogs) Expert Shtigler;
2 GS Middle class (St.-Petersburg "White night" monobreed exhibition) Expert Popov;
11 GS Middle class (Championship of Belarus 2006) Expert R.May;
9 GS Middle class (Smolensk - Opening of a season) Expert Margit van Dorsen;
8 GS Middle class (Moscow, Cup "Royal Canine") Expert Rykkert
4 V Working class Monobreed exhibition of the German sheep-dogs (Fedorov) october 2007


Zilber Wasserfall General
f.Zilber Wasserfall Mendeley
m.Zilber Wasserfall Garamubi

date of birth 16.09.2003

Kkl 1 (on all life), HD-, V, 1, 1

1 big prospect (class of puppies) open specialized exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "The Baltic festival 2004", St.-Petersburg 08.05.2004,
Refereeing: expert Elena Shiran (Moscow);
4 big prospect (class of puppies) "The Moscow meetings 2004" Largest monobreed an exhibition of a season, Moscow 2004;
1 SG (youth class) Monobreed exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "GRAN PRI 2004" St.-Petersburg;
5 SG (.) Exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "Cup of St.-Petersburg 2004", St.-Petersburg;
1 SG (middle class) Exhibition of the German sheep-dogs, St.-Petersburg 08.05.2005. Refereeing: expert G.Severin;
1 SG (middle class) Regional exhibition of the German sheep-dogs, St.-Petersburg 21.05.2005;
5 SG (middle class) The main exhibition of RSVNO, Smolensk 06-07.08.2005;
6 V (working class) Exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "Cup of St.-Petersburg 2005", St.-Petersburg 18.09.2005, Refereeing: expert Duks;
6 V (working class) GRAN PRI 2006, St.-Petersburg 13.08.2006, Refereeing: expert G.Muller (Germany);
1 V (working class) Exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "Cup of St.-Petersburg 2006", St.-Petersburg 22-23.09.2006;
2 V (working class) "Cup of the RSVNO-2006" (Shvaykert);
2 V The main exhibition of RSVNO-2007 ( );
The winner of the Main exhibition of Finland, 2 V The largest exhibition of Finland Kotka-2008 (8-9.02.08).


Faxf.Viessend Shlossen Faxf.Viessend Shlossen
f.Orbit f. Tronje
m.Kessi f.Viessend Shlossen

The prize-winner and winner of exhibitions of Germany, Finland and Russia. Kkl 1 lifetime, D-, ED-normal, DN, - all in Germany, zw-72

inzucht :
Djek f.Norikoom 4:5
Mark f.Haus Bek 5:5
Fanto f.Hirshel5:5:5
Felix f.Arminius 5-
Fedor f.Arminius -5

To be in city Samara.


Zilber Wasserfall Driver Zilber Wasserfall Driver
f.Hardi Amfitrion (Two-multiple VA The champion of RSVNO - 2007)
m.Zilber Wasserfall Eralda (Zilber Wasserfall Mendeley four-multiple VA + Ekaterina VA)

date of birth 18.09.2005

Kkl 1, HD-a, 1, 1, "1 V" the working class (judge Fedorov V.G.). The winner practically all large of exhibitions of CIS, on which it was exposed.


Cefey Djenestra
f.Pasko v.Klostenmoor (Gandi f.Arlett)
m.Varisa f.Oksaliz (Qvantum f.Arminius)

date of birth 22.01.2006

Kkl 1, HD-"", 1, 1, "V" The 10-multiple Winner largest of monobreed exhibitions of CIS!


Zilber Wasserfall Central
f.Qventin v.Celvandrand (Erazmus v.Noord)
m.Hexi v.Wallendarer Hee

date of birth 27.04.2006

-1, -1, HD "", "V", five-multiple Winner of monobreed exhibition of CIS.

city Petrozavodsk, street Varlamova, 29-32. The owner Aksenov Eduard phone 8-8142-73-17-36,
mobile phone +7 921 626 03 61 (Eduard), +7 921 226 69 07 (Nadejda)


Zilber Wasserfall Lux
f.Nimbus Djenestra
m.Vlaterfolg Glukoza

date of birth 26.12.2005

The owner Grigorjeva Svetlana, city Pskov.