Zilber Wasserfall MendeleyWas born 10.09.2000.

The champion of Russia ,RKF, RFSS, RSVNO, ROLS, NKP, 3xCACIB, 14xCAC, 14 x best representative of breed (BRB), 10 х Candidate in the champions of club (CCC), the 8-multiple winner "Best in Show", the 5-multiple "The best dog on protection" on monobreed exhibitions, 3хVA , KKl1, HD"а", IPO-2.

Zilber Wasserfall MendeleyThe description: Natural average size. Powerful with a very good head. High withers, strong back, long groats. Very good corners forward and back extremitys. Hardly weak metacarpus. Very good ratio of length and height. A very good line of a bottom. Very well painted. Magnificent movements. (judge Peter Mesler).

The working qualities are brightly expressed. Release.


Flik v.d.Vindroze
Zilber Wasserfall Uljana
f.Flik v.d.Vindroze

f.Flik v.Arlet (SCHH - 3, FH, KKl - 1lifetime, HD- "a")
m.Biggi v.Bevie (IPO - 1, KKl - 1, HD- "c")
m.Zilber Wasserfall Uljana

f.Klifford v.Noort (IPO - 1, KKl - 1lifetime, HD-"a")
м.Zilber Wasserfal Ferrari (ОКД - 1,ЗКС - 1, KKl - 1, HD-"b")

Results of exhibitions:

1 big prospect "Regional exhibition of the German sheep-dogs 2001" (St.-Petersburg, puppies, judge V.Petrov),
1 big prospect "Cup HAPPYDOG 2001" (Moscow, puppies),
4 SG"Cup of the RSVNO 2001" (St.-Petersburg, junior),
1 SG "Cup of the RSVNO 2002" (Moscow, middle class),
3 VA "Cup of the RSVNO 2003" (Tumen, judge Mesler),
3 VA "Cup of the RSVNO 2003" (Moscow, judge Bogdanov),
8 V "Cup of the RSVNO 2004" (Samara, working class),
1 V "Gran Pri 2004" (St.-Petersburg, working class),
3 V "Cup of St.-Petersburg 2004" (St.-Petersburg, working class),
1 V specialized exhibition of the German sheep-dogs 02-03.10.2004 (Finland, judge SV),
the best manufacturer of Estonia 2004,
2 V International exhibition "Eurasia-2005" (Moscow, class of the champions),
1 V monobreed exhibition "The Baltic festival" (08.05.2005, judge Severin),
2V "Borisov 2005" (judge SV Knaul),
4V specialized exhibition of the German sheep-dogs "Ramenskoe 2005",
3V "Gran Pri 2005" The best dog on protection,
5V main exhibition "RSVNO 2005" (Smolensk, judge SV Rikker),
2VA "Dnepr 2005" (judge SV Sherer),
2V "Cup of Belarus 2005" (judge SV),
1V КЧК BRB monobreed exhibition (Murmansk, working class, judge Nikitin),
7V "Cup of St.-Petersburg 2005" (judge SV Dooks). The best dog on protection.

Photos of posterity